We work incredibly well and incredibly fast. As a result, we’re growing quickly.

We’re always looking for qualified candidates with drive and vision to add to our team. And we’re a pretty fun bunch to work with.

If you’re interested in a career that’s both challenging and rewarding, send us your resume. And make sure to include your vision for what you’d like to see without a cord.

Send your resume here.

Life at NuCurrent

One word can describe it all: extraordinary

Local Beers On Draught

  1. Baderbrau Chicago Pilsner
  2. Metropolitan Flywheel Bright Lager
  3. Off Color Apex Predator
  4. Distihl Vertex IPA
  5. Revolution Anti-hero
  6. Begyle Blonde

Local Coffee In Grinder

  1. Dark Matter Ninja Blend
  2. Bowtruss Doughnut Vault Blend
  3. Dark Matter Devil’s Lettuce
  4. Big Shoulders Uganda Bulaaga
  5. Metropolis Kenya Riakiberu
  6. Dark Matter A Love Supreme

Foosball Leader Board

  1. Jacob
  2. Jason
  3. Michael
  4. Vinit
  5. Alberto

Many of our best employees reached out to us because they were confident that they could make a big impact at NuCurrent and in wireless power. Are you our next extraordinary employee? Send your resume here.

  • "Working at NuCurrent is a great opportunity to meet creative, innovative and talented people and experts and learn from them in the process augmenting your own skills and becoming a better engineer and leader."

    Antenna Designer
  • "I am excited to be working on a cutting edge technology at a critical time in its development. I am motivated by knowing that my job is very relevant and that my decisions and voice matter to the team and our customers."

    Hardware Engineer - Wireless Power
  • "I took a risk. I had the option to go the blue-chip company route or take the risk and work for NuCurrent. Something felt right, and I couldn't be happier now."

    Research Engineer