Molex Partnership

Molex Partnership

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Why did Molex choose to partner with NuCurrent?

Molex actively seeks partnerships in manufacturing and via licensing strategies with companies developing complementary technologies. NuCurrent brings deep design capabilities and a solid portfolio of IP and technology. They have made great strides in important segments of wireless connectivity from medical to consumer and automotive. Together NuCurrent and Molex bring to the table expertise in manufacturing and development of leading edge antenna technologies.

What does Molex bring to the partnership?

NuCurrent is an excellent strategic fit with high growth potential by leveraging Molex’s manufacturing expertise, distribution channels and sales reach. As a partner, Molex can provide system integration that will provide higher-level solutions to new and existing customers. Molex designs, develops and manufactures custom antennas and antenna assemblies for wireless applications (cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, UMTS, WIMAX, GPS, etc.) manufactured for major OEMs and ODMs in aerospace and defense, automotive, alternative energy, commercial vehicles, industrial automation, medical, scientific, solid state lighting, smart phones and mobile devices, and telecommunications and networking industries.

What does NuCurrent bring to the partnership?

Founded with an initial focus on wireless power for implanted medical devices, NuCurrent specializes in the custom design and fabrication of high-efficiency inductors for high-frequency applications. The company developed a comprehensive IP portfolio based on breakthrough structures for low resistance antennas suitable for a wide range of wireless industries. In the early stage of commercializing the technology, NuCurrent has already been selected for use by a consortium of automakers and a variety of furniture vendors. The technology is also being incorporated into mobile consumer devices.

NuCurrent improves wireless charging by structuring antenna materials differently in order to increase performance and efficiency. NuCurrent completed the necessary groundwork developing the technology, procuring initial funding, and a positive revenue stream. Molex brings the technology commercialization expertise to scale up production and deliver on customer-driven projects more efficiently, while helping to take the company to the next level of worldwide marketing and sales.

How does the strategic partnership benefit the wireless industry?

The partnership addresses the demand for convenient and economical wireless technologies spurred by the rapid proliferation of mobile wireless devices. Integration of NuCurrent wireless power antenna technology enables plug-free charging of devices ranging from mobile and consumer devices which lead industry adoption while also delivering unique value to military, medical, industrial and other markets.

The wireless power for the mobile devices market is projected to exceed $5 billion by 2020. (Source: Wireless Power Report, Pike Research). Increasingly tech-savvy consumers rely on mobile devices requiring multiple wired chargers competing for limited power outlets. Analysts predict a continued surge in wirelessly charged devices reaching 1.4 billion by 2021 (IHS Global Insight). Some companies are announcing plans to roll out public wireless charging stations, much like WiFi access. Molex and NuCurrent share a mutual commitment to remain agile and responsive to these and other emerging market trends.

How does the strategic partnership benefit joint customers?

Wireless power is a logical next-step in connectivity and represents important strategic growth markets for Molex and NuCurrent customers. Manufacturing complexity and cost of the final device are key challenges for OEMs of smart phones and other mobile wireless devices. The partnership will bring the resources needed to lift manufacturing barriers.

Molex innovative manufacturing resources support different volume requirements, whether high volume manufacturing, mixed-volume or manual assembly. Proprietary capabilities help customers better manage cost and provide competitive mobile and portable antenna solutions. Antennas can be integrated directly into a wireless power circuit, thereby eliminating steps from the fabrication process and providing optimal design flexibility. Molex technical experts are experienced in all project phases, working with customers to determine cost-effective designs for wireless antenna solutions while ensuring quick time to market. A trusted name in the industry, Molex blends state-of-the-art technologies, lean marketing strategies, custom automation and vertical integration to deliver products of the highest quality, reliability and performance.

How does the partnership stand to drive innovation for both companies?

Global markets are trending toward wireless applications. On the industrial side, global smart grid deployments are leading in machine-to-machine wireless communication. In consumer markets, wireless, Internet, TV and audio dominate. Superior to competitive technologies on the market, NuCurrent antennas enable better wireless power transmission and make a highly compelling case to enable greater distances, lower battery consumption, small sizes, more misalignment flexibility, and improved thermal management across multiple markets.

Diversity of expertise and collaboration inspire innovation. By leveraging the Molex global network to streamline design and boost production capacity, NuCurrent and its customers benefit from that innovation and shorten time-to-market for new devices. As a leading global manufacturer of electronic components and interconnect solutions, Molex strives to put innovation to work for customers. As a tool for solving complex challenges, innovation drives Molex to pioneer electronic solutions and improve manufacturing processes.

Molex brings extensive mechanical and RF design experience in all frequency bands used by wireless services. Based on diverse manufacturing and RF technologies, Molex offers ease of integration for demanding wireless antenna applications spanning the industrial, consumer, medical and automotive markets. Whether customers are in Chicago, Shanghai, Munich or New Delhi, Molex’s long established global footprint ensures they have full access to products and services—when and where they need them. Through industry leading products, high performance people and a global collaboration, Molex anticipates tomorrow’s needs and helping customers engineer breakthroughs that make the world better.

The partnership and investment creates a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Molex excels at tackling industry’s most complex design challenges and now brings NuCurrent’s 30+ years of collective wireless power design expertise to its customers. Both Molex and NuCurrent customers can now access best-in-class technology with a global reach.

“NuCurrent’s wireless power antenna capabilities dovetail with our business strategy of helping customers bring pioneering products to market.”

Lily Yeung, Director, Business Development
Lily Yeung, Director, Business Development