Making our partners’ technology shine is what we do best. Our partners utilize NuCurrent’s antennas to demonstrate the efficiency, flexibility and range of their own technology. We are included on a variety of evaluation kits in order to ensure our partners’ technologies perform optimally.

Our partners include FORTUNE 500 companies, global suppliers of electrical components and leaders in emerging wireless power technologies. Talk to us today if you are a wireless power component company looking for a way to demonstrate your technology in the most favorable light possible.

By demoing your product with NuCurrent’s antennas, you can be sure that your customers will benefit from:

  • Highest efficiency printed antennas in the world
  • Durable antennas for harsh or sensitive environments
  • Consistent performance from antenna #1 to antenna #1,000,000+
  • Direct integration potential into your wireless power circuit
  • Increased yield and reduced manufacturing risk
  • Custom form factors and small/thin antennas
  • Greater orientation flexibility
  • Improved range of transfer

“NuCurrent’s wireless power antenna capabilities dovetail with our business strategy of helping customers bring pioneering products to market.”

Lily Yeung, Director, Business Development
Lily Yeung, Director, Business Development

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