How We Work

How We Work

Your success ensures our success, and we have methodically planned how to deliver top results for you.

Our protocols and design practices are intentionally developed to keep us nimble and flexible to the specific needs of each customer. Working with NuCurrent you can expect:

  • Custom design and fabrication of high-efficiency antennas for your specific application.
  • Rapid turnaround time from specs to delivery, ~ 3 weeks.
  • Integration and tuning services to embed the custom-built antennas into your specific devices.
  • Proprietary design technology employing industry-standard materials and fabrication techniques.
  • Established partnerships with well-known fabrication houses.

Finally, expect attentive and accommodating service backed by speed and skill. That’s how we work.

"NuCurrent not only delivered with leading technology that provided the highest efficiency resonators and simple assembly, but they also provided outstanding support and turn-around times.”

Brad Miller, Director, Advanced Development
Brad Miller, Director, Advanced Development
Gill Electronics