Custom Design

We love a challenge, If your designs are difficult due to size limitations, power requirements, durability concerns or for any other reason, we are the design company for you.

Here are just a few of the challenges we have overcome (without revealing the clients or products, of course):

  • Designing an ultra-small receiver antenna for a wearable device of just 12.7mn2 x 0.68mm thick (including shield)
  • Powering multiple strands of LEDs for industrial lighting through 130mm of dry wall and air
  • Developing a Qi antenna that is 68% thinner than any other on the market with the same end-to-end efficiency of the competition
  • Creating a PCB-based coil that is simple to assemble (leading to significantly lower costs…) in lieu of a complex wire-wound assembly, without affecting performance.

We have proprietary algorithms and modeling techniques that allow us to create custom designs in as little as 3 weeks on average from spec to custom design. We deliver industry-leading results while keeping your design process and production schedules on-track.

“Working with NuCurrent has allowed us to develop premium products that outperform the competition and meet the stringent requirements of Apple, Verizon and our customers.”

Soren Nielsen,  CEO
Soren Nielsen, CEO
Devant Technologies