Purchase Options

Purchase Options

Standard coils, including low frequency, high frequency and multi-frequency options may be purchased here.

Our clients have unique challenges and we are strategically structured to be flexible in accommodating those needs from a technology and purchasing perspective. We offer three unique options for purchasing custom designs from us:

Option 1:

NuCurrent supplies fully assembled antennas or modules to the client by working with rigorously contract manufacturers. This is preferred by clients that want to buy antennas or modules under a traditional “product vendor model.”

Option 2:

NuCurrent licenses design to client. Client manages manufacturing, including potential for integrating custom/proprietary circuits into system designs before building. This is great for clients who want to integrate custom electronics on the same PCB or FPCB as the coil - it’s the ultimate in integratability.

Option 3:

NuCurrent licenses design to clients’ preferred vendor of PCB/Flex PCB. Client buys antennas directly from vendor. This is preferred by larger clients who have established relationships with vendors and maintain preferred-vendor lists.

To discuss details of your specific project or request a demonstration, contact us today.

NuCurrent Technology Spotlight

Featured in world’s first commercial A4WP system by Gill Industries

Promoted by T.I. and selected as A21 (automotive) standard Tx for WPC)

Multi-mode, same board solutions available for any combination of A4WP, PMA, WPC (and NFC)