Industry Standards

Industry Standards

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Qi and PMA Solutions

In the inductive coupling regime, NuCurrent’s MLMT antennas (aka “coils”) offer key advantages over standard coil types (i.e. bi-filars, Litz, and standard PCBs). Higher efficiencies and simplified manufacturing lead to improved performance and robust, reliable and durable coil assemblies. NuCurrent offers the highest Q PCB coils on the market, which are particularly well suited to custom solutions for products requiring consistency, durability, scalability and small form factors.

Qi Resonant and A4WP

In the magnetic resonance regime, NuCurrent’s MLMT antennas (aka “resonators”) are the highest Q, lowest resistance and most efficient antennas available. NuCurrent also creates tuning networks for its clients for precise matching and uniform integration for high volume production. NuCurrent's resonators are built on printed substrates (PCB, FPCB, etc.) to provide optimal durability, scalability, consistency and integratability.

All NuCurrent antennas have the durability, consistency, integration ability and scalability benefits listed above. When operating at higher frequencies, the reduced resistance achieved through MLMT antennas (aka “resonators”) leads to quality factors that are unrivaled in the industry. As a result, NuCurrent resonators are the most efficient for wireless power transfer, across all industry standards.

See how we collaborated with Broadcom to provide a receiver solution that works with all three standards.

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