Our Technology

Our Technology

Our proprietary designs, methodology and manufacturing techniques produce the world’s highest efficiency printed wireless power antennas.

NuCurrent’s MLMT antennas for wireless power transfer operate across all standards and typically provide the following performance improvement:

  • 20% higher Quality Factor than other printed coils for Qi or PMA
  • 60% higher Quality Factor than other printed coils for A4WP

  • Over 20 patents granted in US
  • 50+ total pending/granted worldwide, including the US, Europe, China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan
  • Proprietary software and algorithms to optimize and accelerate designs
  • 30+ years of combined wireless power experience

NuCurrent’s MLMT technology mitigates typical high frequency effects, such as “skin effect”. By providing more surface area through which current flows, NuCurrent inductors (aka “antennas”, “coils” or “resonators”) have lower resistance and higher Q. This fundamental advance enhances both wireless power antennas and inductors for other applications like RF surface-mount component and induction heating.

Higher efficiency, higher durability and smaller sizes are just the first of many benefits. Our technology features:

  • Form factors as thin as 0.08mm (0.18mm with shielding) and as small as 12.7mm x 12.7mm
  • Power out from 50mW – 100W
  • Efficiencies over 70%
  • Custom shapes for Tx and Rx
  • Qi, PMA, A4WP, proprietary and multi-mode options
  • Maintain full charging speed
  • Reduce Heat
  • Improve system performance
  • Increase safety and longevity
  • Utilize scalable and reliable PCB and FPCB manufacturing

Combined with our custom design and rapid turn times, NuCurrent technology produces applications that are setting the market trend. For a customized demonstration of how we can power up your design, contact us today.