Power Plays

Power Plays with NuCurrent

When a company has a wireless power challenge that seems insurmountable, they call on NuCurrent. When we bring that dream to life we call it a NuCurrent Power Play


– a wireless power solution achieved through the innovation and unique value of NuCurrent.

See what a few of our customers and partners think

“Working with NuCurrent has allowed us to develop premium products that outperform the competition and meet the stringent requirements of Apple, Verizon and our customers.”

Soren Nielsen,  CEO
Soren Nielsen, CEO
Devant Technologies

“In developing a demonstration circuit to help our customers realize the advantages of GaN technology for highly resonant power transfer EPC explored many resonator designs, including our own. However, nothing matched the efficiency and Q factor of NuCurrent’s designs. Working with NuCurrent's team, we have been able to demonstrate the full value of our high efficiency GaN echnology for wireless power."

Alex Lidow, CEO
Alex Lidow, CEO

“NuCurrent not only delivered with leading technology that provided the highest efficiency resonators and simple assembly, but they also provided outstanding support and turn-around times. By partnering with NuCurrent, our customers’ products can now feature technology that allows improved simultaneous charging of multiple devices with different power requirements, by simply placing them on the furniture, work surface, or auto console without any cords.”

Brad Miller, Director, Advanced Development
Brad Miller, Director, Advanced Development
Gill Electronics