Multi-mode Receiver

Multi-mode Receiver

When a company has a wireless power challenge that seems insurmountable, they call on NuCurrent. When we bring that dream to life we call it a NuCurrent Power Play


Power Play with Broadcom

Industry Standard: A4WP, PMA, Qi

Challenge: Developing a single antenna board that is high Q and capable of receiving power in accordance with all three wireless power standards.

NuCurrent Power Play: Leveraging our patented MLMT antennas and our design expertise, we developed a high Q tri-mode receiver antenna that operates with all three standards and reduces BOM Component count.

Outcome: NuCurrent collaborates with Broadcom to provide receiver solution that can work with all three standards.

Broadcom is one of the world’s leading IC companies and a pioneer in the wireless charging industry. They developed a single chip that is capable of wirelessly charging a mobile phone with any of the three standards – PMA, Qi or Rezence. This liberates OEMs from needing to select a specific standard for their devices and reduces BOM component count In order to demonstrate the abilities of their innovative chip, Broadcom needed a single printed circuit board that could handle all three standards and maintain high efficiency and a thin form factor. They turned to NuCurrent based on our reputation for High Q/Low ESR multi-mode designs, patented ML Wire and MLMT Antenna structures, and our ability to create custom designs on a quick-turn.

In less than one month, NuCurrent designed and fabricated a tri-mode antenna that supports PMA, Qi and A4WP’s Rezence. We also created a quad-mode antenna that added NFC to the same PCB – four functional protocols in one passive component!

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NuCurrent’s tri-mode antenna is a single flex PCB that optimizing performance of Broadcom's BCM59350 chip to work with all 3 standards: PMA, Qi and Rezence