Everything You Need to Implement Wireless Charging Technology

At NuCurrent, we’ve invented core technologies and developed deep experience in product design, system integration, software controls, industry standards development, and manufacturing. It’s everything that you need to bring your products to market.

Speed to Production

We have the experience and technology to accelerate design cycles. We’ll get you to production in a fraction of the time.

Superior Performance

With a decade of experience and over 90 patents granted and pending, we have the IP and know-how to develop advanced, high-performing wireless power systems.

Highest Lifetime Value

Winning products capture market share and also have a handle on costs. Our technology positions you to gain share while reducing warranty and service claims, so you continually increase profitability.

The Power to Get Into Production

100+ Patents. 10 Years of Developing Solutions. 1 Committed Team

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NuCurrent has deployed inductive wireless power technologies for Fortune 1000 companies for over a decade. During that time, we’ve solved some of the biggest challenges in the industry.

So whether you’re evaluating wireless charging for a current product or building something completely new, we’ll show you the way from concept to production.

In Wireless Power, Failure Is An Option. But It Doesn’t Have to Be.

7 out of 10 companies fail when trying to launch products with wireless power. It’s far more complex than even some of the world’s most advanced tech companies realize. You need a partner who understands the process from beginning to end.

Be the one who gets wireless power right.

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Platforms and Products for Your Toughest Wireless Power Challenges

Wireless power is becoming essential for nearly every industry. Whether you’re in a category already leveraging the technology, or if you’re building something completely new, we have the platforms and products to accelerate development and get you to market.

Development platforms for new product innovations.

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Application-specific platforms that are ready-to-go.

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Standalone products that can plug-and-play right into your designs.

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Bringing Wireless Power to The Real World

Most companies don’t have the internal resources to get a product with wireless power to market quickly. We’ve done it for our customers (including the ones below), and we can do it for you.

See how we’ve helped our customers innovate with wireless power.


Eliminating failure-prone connectors for mission-critical devices with wireless charging at a distance of 8-10mm.

PopPower by PopSockets

15W of continuous charging through Pop Grips and thick cases. It’s the world’s best performing wireless charger.

smart basketball


Creating new connected product categories through patented magnetics and expert product integration.

“NuCurrent is helping us achieve some very ambitious goals”

“Innovation is at the core of the PopSockets brand, and NuCurrent is helping us achieve some very ambitious goals. We want to bring more fun and expressive functionality to our customers, and NuCurrent helps us do that through their core technologies and expertise in wireless power.”

Altan Nahum, VP of Engineering & PopLabs Director, Popsockets

Powering Into Tomorrow

For over a decade, we’ve developed breakthroughs in wireless power systems, components and product integration.

How do we do it?

A passion for technology. An innovator’s desire to build something new. A drive to make technology actually work for people. And the knowledge to overcome the toughest challenges in wireless power.

We’d love to work with you. See how we’ve grown to become a company you can depend on.

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Connecting You To The Center of the Wireless Power Industry

The wireless power industry is complex and advancing rapidly. It can be confusing if you’re new to it. What IC’s are available to use? What kind of shielding do I need? Do I need Qi certification? Who can build this for me? There are many important steps on the way to wireless power success, and we’re proud to be positioned to get you there.

Find Your Way to Wireless Power

No matter where you are in the project lifecycle, we have the tech and know-how to solve your wireless power problems. Let’s talk about how our wireless power professionals can work for you.