Power Plays


Power Play: Bringing Wireless Power to Fortune 50 Medical Device Maker

Challenge: A Fortune 50 medical device maker needed to make improvements to a handheld device used by surgeons. This initial device experienced routine failures due to a connector that was subject to fluid exposure, physical damage and other means of disconnection.

After reviewing the challenge with the NuCurrent team, the company engaged NuCurrent to redesign the device’s connectors with a wireless solution.

NuCurrent Power Play: In the span of a four-week project,  NuCurrent designed and delivered a full miniature system in the same footprint of the original design. This new design took DC in, provided DC out, and featured a wireless link.

Outcome: The full miniature system allowed the device to operate with positional flexibility and in the presence of liquids, eliminating all major causes of malfunction and disconnection.

“NuCurrent impressed us by providing a wireless power system in a form factor and with performance that we thought was impossible to achieve” – R&D Project Director, Fortune 50 Medical Products Company