Electrical Engineer for Wireless Power Solutions

Experience:BS Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or equivalent with 0-3 years relevant experience required, MS EE or CompE preferred.

Location: USA Company Headquarters Chicago, IL

Role Description: NuCurrent is looking for an Electrical Engineer with a Hardware focus who is motivated to work closely with a talented and diverse engineering group to drive electrical hardware design, system integration with software and mechanical, and test to deliver end customer products.  The candidate will work very closely with senior electrical hardware, electromagnetics, software, and mechanical engineers to design and bring custom boards up from scratch, and exhibit strong cultural values that put the customer first, go beyond the standard, show strong ownership, innovate further, and show strong people skills.

Company Description: NuCurrent is a leading technology and IP company in the high growth field of wireless power and is emerging as the go-to provider of wireless power solutions for the world’s leading product companies. Spanning across industries including auto, consumer, industrial, IoT, mobile, wearables and more, NuCurrent designs systems and key components for Fortune 500 companies and other industry leaders to enable wireless power transfer in new product releases. The Company supports product teams within large companies to bring wireless power innovations to market faster, with fewer risks, lower costs and better technology, while pushing the boundaries of system performance, charge speed, user flexibility and form factors. NuCurrent is a fabless technology company with a robust network of certified manufacturers and is an active leader in specification development across multiple industry standards bodies. NuCurrent has an energetic, purpose-driven work environment built by phenomenal people who go beyond expectations, are highly curious, deeply innovative and, above all, put customers first.


  • Become the next superstar engineer in wireless power by gaining hands on, practical experience delivering products for world-class clients.
  • Develop wireless power systems and modules for a diversity of applications, including consumer electronics, industrial devices, automotive industry applications, medical applications and other exciting industries.
  • Extensive hands-on testing, troubleshooting and modeling will be required.


  • Work closely with engineering team to translate product requirements into engineering deliverables.
  • Execute the design and development of wireless power systems for a variety of projects in parallel.
  • Work and adhere to project timelines to deliver on-time prototypes, test results, and documentation to customers.
  • Design use of simulation tools such as SPICE (or equivalent) for circuits, mathematical analysis and test environment scripting using Matlab (or equivalent), and Schematic and PCB layout using Altium.
  • Development will include extensive hands-on testing with RF boards developed either in-house or by partners/customers, using oscilloscopes, VNA’s and other test equipment.
  • Brief the company management on a regular basis on achievements and goals.
  • Contribute to the development of Intellectual Property.


  • Strong written & verbal communications skills, and good interpersonal skills
  • Proficiency in use of electrical test equipment, i.e. oscilloscope, multimeter, soldering tools
  • Demonstrated success in resolution of technical challenges leveraging strong problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work individually and in small teams that may include contractors working remotely
  • Relentless and enterprising approach to solving problems
  • Passion for working with and developing hardware, including electrical PCBs
  • Ability to multitask and be flexible


  • Strong understanding of electromagnetics and magnetostatics (100 KHz – 100 MHz ideally)
  • Experience with PA’s (1 W to 50 W), tuning/impedance matching circuits, voltage regulators
  • Experience in wireless power applications
  • Strong understanding of Bluetooth and connectivity protocols
  • Antenna/RF simulation, optimization & testing
  • Experience with PCB layout software and concepts
  • Experience in hardware development for mobile devices with WiFi/GPS/NFC
  • Experience with C programming, and understanding communication protocols such as I2C, SPI, UART
  • Knowledge of EMI mitigation, and design for EMI management