Senior Electrical Engineer for Wireless Power Solutions

Experience: 20+ years relevant experience with BS EE, 15+ years with MS/PhD EE

Location: Chicago, IL

Company Description: NuCurrent is a leading technology and IP company in the high growth field of wireless power and is emerging as the go-to provider of wireless power solutions for the world’s leading product companies. Spanning across industries including auto, consumer, industrial, IoT, mobile, wearables and more, NuCurrent designs systems and key components for Fortune 500 companies and other industry leaders to enable wireless power transfer in new product releases. The Company supports product teams within large companies to bring wireless power innovations to market faster, with fewer risks, lower costs and better technology, while pushing the boundaries of system performance, charge speed, user flexibility and form factors. NuCurrent is a fabless technology company with a robust network of certified manufacturers and is an active leader in specification development across multiple industry standards bodies. NuCurrent has an energetic, purpose-driven work environment built by phenomenal people who go beyond expectations, are highly curious, deeply innovative and, above all, put customers first.

Supervisor’s Title: VP Engineering

Key Words: HF DC-DC Converters, power conversion, mixed signal design, Class-E, Class-D, power management


  • Be the technical authority for internal discussions and external engagements
  • Develop systems for applications in industries spanning consumer electronics, infrastructure, industrial and medical.
  • Lead the entire development cycle – from spec development to delivery – of product-ready prototypes and BOM
  • Mentor engineering team comprising experienced engineers, PhD’s, mid-level and junior engineers
  • Work closely with Product Manager & Technical Apps/Marketing to manage projects, ensure timely delivery of high quality products and high quality technical support to customers and partners


  • Understand the wireless power space including standards and regulatory challenges.
  • Understand NuCurrent’s technology and processes, and institute best practices where needed.
  • Create detailed device hardware and sub-system specifications based on user needs, use cases and system requirements.
  • Lead the design and development of wireless power systems based on developed specifications
    • Design will utilize simulation tools such as SPICE (or equivalent) for circuits, EM simulation software for antennas, and analysis using Matlab (or equivalent)
    • Development will include extensive testing on boards developed either in-house or by partners/customers/vendors
  • Influence management, and partners and customers to support successful implementation of design (and spec) changes and improvements
  • Review new product or process design initiatives to ensure engineering needs are integrated into business plans
  • Work with VP Engineering to drive the development and formalization of Intellectual Property


  • Demonstrated success in delivering results on technical challenges that included strong problem solving skills
  • Track record of shipping mixed-signal hardware including embedded micro-controllers.
  • Circuit design and PCB design including designing for manufacturability & EMI/EMC
  • Strong documentation experience as related to design outputs and sub-system definition
  • Strong understanding of electromagnetics and magnetostatics (10 KHz – 100 MHz)
  • Experience with power electronics (mW to 100s of W), including design, component selection and implementation
    • DC-DC Converters from LF to HF (up to 10 MHz preferred)
    • Experience with designing high efficiency Class-D, E, F amplifiers (ideally in the 1 – 50 MHz regime)
  • Ability to work individually and in small teams that may include contractors working remotely
  • Ability to multitask and be flexible to evolving specifications and project dynamics.
  • Experience with designing for low cost, high production volume consumer products.

Good to have

  • Experience with wireless power applications
  • Knowledge of FCC regulations (e.g. Part 18, part 15) and CISPR
  • Experience with integration of 3rd party Bluetooth stack and middleware
  • Experience in hardware development for mobile devices with WiFi/GPS/NFC
  • Knowledge of thermal management materials and experience in designing for thermal management
  • Knowledge of battery charging circuits and batteries