Wireless Power Antenna Design Engineer

Experience: MS required +5yrs experience, PhD preferred

Location: Chicago, IL

Duration: Full-Time

Company Description: NuCurrent is a leading technology and IP company in the high growth field of wireless power and is emerging as the go-to provider of wireless power solutions for the world’s leading product companies. Spanning across industries including auto, consumer, industrial, IoT, mobile, wearables and more, NuCurrent designs systems and key components for Fortune 500 companies and other industry leaders to enable wireless power transfer in new product releases. The Company supports product teams within large companies to bring wireless power innovations to market faster, with fewer risks, lower costs and better technology, while pushing the boundaries of system performance, charge speed, user flexibility and form factors. NuCurrent is a fabless technology company with a robust network of certified manufacturers and is an active leader in specification development across multiple industry standards bodies. NuCurrent has an energetic, purpose-driven work environment built by phenomenal people who go beyond expectations, are highly curious, deeply innovative and, above all, put customers first.

Supervisor’s Title: VP Engineering


  • The Wireless Power Antenna Design Engineer will participate in all aspects of the electromagnetic design of inductively coupled antenna coils for use in wireless power systems. The design engineer needs to be skilled in the use of 3D EM simulation tools, and use those tools to aid in the design of optimized parameters such as winding configurations, mutual inductance, resistive losses, and field uniformity across intended charging volumes. The design engineer should have familiarity with real world impacts of materials on wireless power systems, such as effects of permeable materials used to aid wireless power designs, as well as skin and proximity effects due to interwindings and interaction with magnetic and conductive materials.
  • Hands-on design, significant efforts in simulation, and troubleshooting will be required.


  • The Wireless Power Antenna Design Engineer must understand the wireless power space including standards and regulatory challenges.
  • Understand product requirements via research and customer-engagement. Work closely with internal design engineers and other RF/Antenna Engineers to ensure Design for Manufacturability (DFM).
  • Stay abreast of manufacturing techniques and new high-performance cost-competitive technologies applicable to NuCurrent’s antenna structures. Engage with vendors (e.g. PCB and ferrite) to understand their capabilities, limitations and cost drivers.
  • Conduct complete antenna integration process including antenna selection, placement and in-situ testing.
  • Build simulation model templates that correlate accurately with measurements and are readily available for other antenna
  • Translating customer’s requirements into magnetic parameter constraints for proper coil design and material selection.
  • Prototype proof-of-concepts including hands-on testing.
  • Develop and evaluate novel and realistic ideas to grow Intellectual Property.
  • Brief the company management on a regular basis on goals and achievements.
  • Have fun! Few people get an opportunity to work in an awesome startup at the cusp of a revolutionary market.


  • The Wireless Power Antenna Design Engineer must posses:
  • MS in EE + 5 yrs experience.
  • Familiarity with EM simulation tools such as ANSYS (HFSS and Maxwell), CST, or equivalent EM tools.
  • Very comfortable with hands-on lab testing (applications related to wireless power, RFID, NFC a bonus).
  • Strong understanding of electromagnetics and magnetostatics (100 KHz – 100 MHz ideally).
  • Competent with PCB layout.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to work individually and in small teams
  • An ideal Wireless Power Antenna Design Engineer should posses:
  • PhD in EE, with a firm background in electromagnetics
  • Experience in wireless power applications, knowledge of inductive coupling systems, RF antenna design.
  • Knowledge in modeling magnetic and conductive materials within magnetic coupling systems on EM software and assessing their impact on performance.
  • Knowledge of thermal management materials and experience in designing for thermal management.