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airfuel and high frequency
custom solutions

airfuel and high-frequency

custom solutions

airfuel and high frequency
custom solutions

AirFuel Wireless Power Solutions

NuCurrent is an industry authority in inductive and resonant wireless power systems design. Our team of wireless power experts has proven success in developing high frequency wireless power systems based on AirFuel specifications. In addition to AirFuel, NuCurrent specializes in proprietary (customized) high frequency wireless charging systems for clients looking to push beyond AirFuel or develop their own product ecosystem.

6.78 MHz



NuCurrent’s NuEva HF platform delivers premium wireless charging solutions faster, with industry-leading performance and less risk.


  • E-mobility

  • Gaming
  • Implanted medical devices

  • Industrial robots

  • Laptops


  • Z-height flexibility
  • Greater spatial freedom

  • Multi-device charging

  • Thin, efficient coils for small electronics

Advancing the Standard

Offering high power levels and extended freedom of placement, high frequency wireless power solutions allow for multi-device charging off of a single transmitter pad.

NuCurrent’s NuEva HF platform addresses tricky thermal and EMI issues, while offering in-band communications for lower cost systems (versus Bluetooth).

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