Wireless Power Services

Harness Leading Wireless Power + Data Technology with Tailored Engineering Support

Wireless Power Services

Harness Leading Wireless Power + Data Technology with Tailored Engineering Support

Wireless Power & Data: Tailored Tech Solutions

Insights from the Latest in Cutting Edge Technology

NuCurrent offers hourly engineering services to streamline your access to the latest in wireless power and data technology, minimizing engagement risk and adapting to your preferred level of involvement. Gain unparalleled insights and support for your project with direct access to leading authorities in wireless power and leverage our top-tier suite of proprietary design tools, widely recognized as the industry’s best for wireless power and data solutions.


  • Goal Alignment: Understanding your product goals and aligning them with our proven reference designs.

  • Machine Learning Optimization: Utilizing our advanced machine learning models, we refine coils/magnetics, circuits, and thermal characteristics tailored to your design goals.
  • Rapid Prototyping: Delivering a build-ready design, followed by support for hardware construction.
  • Final Tuning: Assisting in the precise tuning of the final product to ensure optimal performance in both transmitter (Tx) and receiver (Rx) applications.


  • RF/Magnetics: Precision engineering for optimal signal integrity and power transfer

  • Regulatory Compliance: Navigating complex regulations to expedite market entry
  • Machine Learning: Advanced algorithms for efficient and innovative design processes
  • Operations/Sourcing: Streamlining your supply chain from the ground up
  • Wireless Power Software and Data: Integrating power with data for smart solutions

Consulting Services

  • Wireless Power Exploration: Join expert-led sessions to assess the benefits and alignment of wireless power technologies for your business and products
  • Financial Modeling: Build a financial model to gauge the economic impact of wireless power integration, refining assumptions with finance or operations teams
  • Product Market Fit: Work with product and marketing teams to understand customer needs and how wireless power technology can solve business challenges
  • Integration Strategy Development: Develop strategies for embedding wireless power and data technologies into products or infrastructure, ensuring scalability, reliability, and innovation

Engineering Services

  • System Performance and Regulatory Baseline: Establishing frameworks for compliance and performance
  • System Model Creation: Crafting detailed models for accurate predictions and design
  • Full Wireless Power Design: From initial sketches to finalized schematics
  • Failure Mode Analysis: Identifying and mitigating potential risks ahead of time
  • Feasibility Analysis: Assessing the practicality and viability of your concept to ensure a smooth transition from idea to implementation
  • Proof of Concepts to Mass Product: Transforming ideas into market-ready products

NuSync™ Reference Designs:

Your Blueprint to Success

NuSync™ Reference Designs: Your Blueprint to Success

NuSync™ High Frequency Wide Area

Offers an advanced wireless charging solution featuring large charging surfaces for multiple devices, ultra-thin coils for small electronics, and a patented design that combines low cost, low power consumption, and high spatial freedom without compromising performance, aimed at clients developing their product ecosystems.

NuSync™ NFC HighPower

Leading NFC solution for power and data transfer in small electronics and IoT, offering high efficiency, flexibility, and enhanced user experience, supported by NuCurrent’s extensive patent portfolio and proven in mass-produced products.

NuSync™ NFC Multi-Zone

A cutting-edge solution designed for simultaneous charging of multiple devices like earbuds, glasses, and computer peripherals, providing exceptional spatial freedom, high efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, with significantly improved power capabilities and lower coupling ranges compared to other NFC power and data solutions.

NuSync™ Qi2

Offers exceptional power efficiency and low idle consumption with optional data integration for enhanced device intelligence, sustainability, and optimized performance in battery-powered devices.

Engineering Services Engagement Model

Engineering Services Engagement Model

Baseline & Define

Step 0: Baseline & Define

  • System Capabilities & Tolerance Analysis
  • Architecture Evaluation & Recommendation
  • GenA Wireless Design Suite: Mechanical & Magnetics Feasibility
  • Failure Mode Analysis
  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Analysis




Step 1: Design

  • Development System Design
  • GenA Wireless Design Suite: Magnetics & Mechanical Design
  • Manufacturing Test & Validation Plan
  • Design Documentation Creation
  • Guidelines for:
    • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
    • Components
    • Layout


Step 2: EVT/DVT/PVT Support

  • GenA Wireless Design Suite: Updates & Consulting
  • Magnetics & Mechanical Model Update
  • Tolerance Analysis
  • Layout Review
  • Component Selection Review
  • Consulting Services:
    • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
    • Test & Validation
    • Manufacturing (MFG) Test Fixture
  • Customer-Specific Design Files


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