Powering a New Generation of Products


Wireless power systems are complex.

They require innovative technologies and expertise from multiple engineering disciplines. But there’s more: you need the know-how to implement inductive charging technology in smart, fast, and manufacturable ways.

To be successful, you also have to know what design choices impact performance, cost, usability, durability, and other important factors. That’s the NuCurrent difference: the experience to understand the trade-offs and make the right decisions.

Get to Market Fast

Our technology and integration expertise give our customers an obstacle-free head-start. With us, the finish line gets closer, faster.

Deliver Superior Performance

Speed to market doesn’t matter if you don’t hit your engineering specs. We have the technology and know-how to deliver superior performing products.

Achieve Highest Product Lifetime Value

Winning products capture market share and also control costs. Our technology positions you to gain share while reducing warranty and service claims, so you continually increase profitability.

Multiple Platforms. Powerful Options.

Development platforms for new product innovations. Essential system tools and IP that accelerate wireless power solution development.

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Application-specific platforms that are ready-to-go. Minimal customization needed, getting you to production faster, with better designs and less risk.

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Standalone products that can plug-and-play right into your designs. Ready for implementation, with documentation and support.

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inductive charging technology

It’s more than innovative technology.

It’s wireless power in the hands of the engineers who invented it. It’s optimized specifically for your products. It’s the way to wireless power.

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A Culture of Innovation That Works For You

Our technology and expertise can be found in millions of consumer, medical and industrial products. With over 100 patents globally and pending, NuCurrent has an extensive portfolio of intellectual property. It’s IP that we put to work for you. Deliverables typically include one or more of the following:

Wireless Power Systems

Complete end-to-end inductive charging solutions featuring transmitter(s) and receiver(s)

Wireless Power Modules

Complete wireless power subsystem for integration into a product

Wireless Power Software

Customized tools to control communications and performance parameters

Wireless Power Antennas

Industry-leading magnetics designed and optimized for superior product performance

Advancing the Industry Standards


We’ve invented several industry “firsts” within the AirFuel standard including through-table and through-metal applications.

NFC Forum

We are active participants within the NFC Form and an industry leader in deploying NFC wireless charging solutions for lower-power devices. More on NFC wireless charging

Wireless Power Consortium / Qi

As an active, contributing member of the Wireless Power Consortium, we have designed multiple standard designs, including MP-A11 and MP-A17.


Find Your Way to Wireless Power With Us

No matter where you are in the project life-cycle, we have the tech and know-how to find your inductive charging solutions. Let’s talk about how our wireless power professionals can work for you.