Jr. Hardware Engineer

Experience: BS EE or ME required, MS EE or ME preferred

Location: Chicago, IL

Company Description: NuCurrent Inc. is a venture-backed company specializing in the development of Wireless Power Systems and High-Q antennas for wireless power transfer. NuCurrent’s patented, cutting-edge technology yields the highest Q inductors for high frequency applications in the wireless power industry. NuCurrent customers are primarily Tier 1 and Tier 2 OEMs in the consumer electronics and automotive segments and it partners with leading IC companies on state-of-the-art wireless power evaluation kits where NuCurrent is featured as the reference antenna.

Supervisor’s Title: Sr. Hardware Engineer


  • Develops wireless power systems and modules for a diversity of applications, including hand-held devices, automotive, medical and other consumer applications.
  • Execute entire development cycle; starting from obtaining spec from customer, to delivery of product-ready prototype and BOM.
  • Designs charging circuits based on available components and reference designs from partner companies.
  • Extensive hands-on design, troubleshooting and modeling will be required.


  • Understand product requirements via research and customer-engagement. Work closely with Antenna Engineers to translate product requirements into engineering specifications.
  • Execute the design and development of wireless power systems (including circuit and antenna design) for a variety of projects in parallel.
  • Devise timelines and work with internal team, partners and vendors to ensure smooth progress of project, and adherence to timelines:
    • Design will include using simulation tools such as SPICE (or equivalent) for circuits, EM simulation software for antennas, and mathematical analysis using Matlab (or equivalent)
    • Development will include extensive hands-on testing with RF boards developed either in-house or by partners/customers, using oscilloscopes, VNA’s and other test equipment
  • Invent and develop intellectual property.
  • Brief the company management on a regular basis on achievements and goals.
  • Have fun! Few people get an opportunity to work in an awesome startup at the cusp of a revolutionary market.


Must Have:

  • BS in EE/ME
  • Relentless and enterprising approach to solving problems
  • Passion for developing hardware (boards and/or consumer product)
  • Strong understanding of electromagnetics and magnetostatics (100 KHz – 100 MHz ideally)
  • Experience with PA’s (1 W to 50 W), tuning/impedance matching circuits, voltage regulators
  • Strong understanding of Bluetooth and connectivity protocols
  • Ability to work individually and in small teams that may include contractors located in different locations
  • Ability to multitask and be flexible

Good to Have:

  • MS in EE/ME
  • Experience in wireless power applications
  • Experience with integration of 3rd party Bluetooth stack and middleware
  • Antenna/RF simulation, optimization & testing (applications related to wireless power, RFIDs, NFC a bonus)
  • Experience with PCB layout software and concepts
  • Experience in hardware development for mobile devices with WiFi/GPS/NFC
  • Knowledge of thermal management materials and experience in designing for thermal management