Sr. Power Electronics Engineer

Experience: 10+ years relevant experience with BS EE, 8+ years with MS/PhD EE

Location: Chicago, IL

Company Description: NuCurrent Inc. is a venture-backed company specializing in the development of Wireless Power Systems and High-Q antennas for wireless power transfer. NuCurrent’s patented, cutting-edge technology yields the highest Q inductors for high frequency applications in the wireless power industry that can be produced in large volume, high quality, and at a very competitive cost. NuCurrent customers are primarily Tier 1 and Tier 2 OEMs spanning a wide range of products including consumer electronics (such as smartphones and wearables), medical devices, and automotive segments. By partnering with leading IC companies on state-of-the-art wireless power platforms NuCurrent’s innovative technology is featured as the reference antenna./

Supervisor’s Title: VP Engineering

Key Words: HF DC-DC Converters, power conversion, mixed signal design, Class-E, Class-D, power management


  • Lead system development for applications in industries spanning consumer electronics, infrastructure, industrial and medical
  • Work closely with Product Manager & Technical Apps/Marketing to manage projects, ensure timely delivery of high quality products and high quality technical support to customers and partners


  • Understand the wireless power space including standards and regulatory challenges.
  • Understand NuCurrent’s technology and processes, and institute best practices where needed.
  • Create detailed device hardware and sub-system specifications based on user needs, use cases and system requirements.
  • Lead the design and development of wireless power systems based on developed specifications
    • Design will utilize simulation tools such as SPICE (or equivalent) for circuits, EM simulation software for antennas, and analysis using Matlab (or equivalent)
    • Development will include extensive testing on boards developed either in-house or by partners/customers/vendors
  • Review new product or process design initiatives to ensure engineering needs are integrated into business plans


  • Essential
  • Demonstrated success in delivering results on technical challenges that included strong problem solving skills
  • Track record of shipping mixed-signal hardware including embedded micro-controllers.
  • Circuit design and PCB design including designing for manufacturability & EMI/EMC
  • Strong understanding of electromagnetics and magnetostatics (10 KHz – 100 MHz)
  • Experience with power electronics (mW to 100s of W), including design, component selection and implementation
    • DC-DC Converters from LF to HF (up to 10 MHz preferred)
    • Experience with designing high efficiency Class-D, E, F amplifiers (ideally in the 1 – 50 MHz regime)
  • Ability to work individually and in small teams that may include contractors working remotely
  • Ability to multitask and be flexible to evolving specifications and project dynamics.
  • Experience with designing for low cost, high production volume consumer products.


  • Good to have
  • Experience with wireless power applications
  • Knowledge of FCC regulations (e.g. Part 18, part 15) and CISPR
  • Experience with integration of 3rd party Bluetooth stack and middleware
  • Experience in hardware development for mobile devices with WiFi/GPS/NFC
  • Knowledge of thermal management materials and experience in designing for thermal management
  • Knowledge of battery charging circuits and batteries