NuEva High Frequency Platform Overview


Large Robots, Personal Transport, Implantable Devices, Kitchen, AV

Power Range

< 300W

Operating Frequency

6.78 MHz

Platform Benefits

Z-height flexibility

Greater freedom of positioning

Multi-device charging

Thin, efficient coils for small electronics

Transfer Method


NuCurrent Advantage

  • Greatest power to electronics and coil size ratio
  • Patented MLMT magnetics increase efficiency, lowering thermals
  • Proprietary methods for cost effective EMI mitigation
  • In-band communication for lower-cost system
  • Innovative techniques for power transfer in metallic environments

Technical Advantages

This NuEva platform addresses all the critical aspects of a high-frequency wireless power solution including:

  • Power conversion
  • Magnetics
  • EMI mitigation
  • Coil tuning
  • Foreign object detection
  • Integrated circuits / firmware
  • Shielding
  • Communications
  • Simulation, testing and validation

The best place to start for innovative high-frequency solutions

High-frequency solutions can deliver innovative applications of wireless power and wireless charging, and NuCurrent can help you design faster, with better performance and less risk.