NuEva Low Frequency Platform Overview


Mobile, Speakers, Laptops, Home Robots, Smart Watches, Cameras, Medical

Power Range

< 100W

Operating Frequency

110-210 kHz

Platform Benefits

Compatible with Qi global charging standard

Safety and device interoperability

Pre-certified designs

Transfer Method


NuCurrent Advantage

  • Proven capabilities in standard and non-traditional Qi systems
  • Developed world’s first high z-height (12mm) Qi Certified charger
  • Ultra-thin magnetics
  • Broad product-integration experience
  • Expertise in multi-bay charging

Technical Advantages

This NuEva platform addresses all the critical aspects of a Qi-based wireless power solution including:

  • Magnetics and Simulation
  • Coil Tuning
  • Foreign Object Detection
  • Integrated Circuits (Firmware)
  • Shielding
  • Testing and Validation

The best place to start for innovative Qi-based solutions

Qi is an important global standard for wireless power, and NuCurrent can help you design faster, with better performance and less risk.