Introducing NFC Charging

An innovative way to transfer power and data in low-power devices

Wireless power + data

You may already use NFC for data transfer applications like “tap-to-pay,” but did you know that NFC can also be used for power transfer up to 3 Watts?

This video previews the technology and shows some of the applications that can benefit from NFC Charging.



NuEva NFC Charging Platform Overview


Hearables/Earbuds, Wearables, Stylus, Home Sensors, IoT Sensors, AR and Smart Glasses

Power Range

< 3W

Operating Frequency

13.56 MHz

Platform Benefits

Power and data transfer

Greater freedom of positioning

Multi-device charging

Thin, efficient coils for small electronics

Transfer Method


NuCurrent Advantage

  • Key NXP development partner on NFC Direct Charging with deep system knowledge and experience
  • NuCurrent IP maximizes spatial freedom, enhancing user experience
  • Patented MLMT magnetics increase efficiency, lowering thermals
  • Proven systems for boosting power received above 1.5 watts

A New Global Standard

The NFC Forum’s Wireless Charging Standard (WLC) allows product developers to deliver power and data to small, space-constrained devices. Explore the technology’s applications, capabilities and trade-offs.

Explained: NFC Wireless Charging

10 Things You Need to Know about NFC Wireless Charging

Watch this 30-minute webinar recording for an insider’s look into this technology that transfers data and power.

NuCurrent’s wireless power experts cover common NFC Charging questions, including:

  • How does it differ from Qi charging?
  • What products currently use it?
  • What challenges does it solve?
  • What does an NFC Charging system look like?
  • How do power and data work together in this type of system?


NFC Charging Block Diagram

Technical Advantages

This NuEva platform addresses all the critical aspects of an NFC-based wireless power solution including:

  • Power conversion
  • Magnetics
  • EMI mitigation
  • Coil tuning
  • Foreign object detection
  • Integrated circuits / firmware
  • Shielding
  • Communications
  • Simulation, testing and validation

The best place to start for low power, NFC-based wireless charging solutions

NFC Charging is an exciting development in wireless power,  and NuCurrent can help you achieve success faster, with better designs and less risk.