NFC Wireless Charging: An alternative to Qi

Wireless power + data

You may already use NFC for data transfer applications like “tap-to-pay,” but did you know that NFC can also be used for power transfer up to 3W?

This video previews the technology and shows some of the applications that can benefit from NFC Charging.



NuEva NFC Charging Platform Overview


Hearables/Earbuds, Wearables, Stylus, Home Sensors, IoT Sensors, AR and Smart Glasses

Power Range

< 3W

Operating Frequency

13.56 MHz

Platform Benefits

Power and data transfer

Greater freedom of positioning

Multi-device charging

Thin, efficient coils for small electronics

Transfer Method


NuCurrent Advantage

  • Key NXP development partner on NFC Direct Charging with deep system knowledge and experience
  • NuCurrent IP maximizes spatial freedom, enhancing user experience
  • Patented MLMT magnetics increase efficiency, lowering thermals
  • Proven systems for boosting power received above 1.5 watts

Technical Advantages

This NuEva platform addresses all the critical aspects of an NFC-based wireless power solution including:

  • Power conversion
  • Magnetics
  • EMI mitigation
  • Coil tuning
  • Foreign object detection
  • Integrated circuits / firmware
  • Shielding
  • Communications
  • Simulation, testing and validation

The best place to start for low power, NFC-based wireless charging solutions

NFC Charging is an exciting development in wireless power,  and NuCurrent can help you achieve success faster, with better designs and less risk.