The Industry’s First NFC-Based Wireless Charging Platform for AR and Smart Glasses

Platform Benefits

  • Leverages NFC charging to transfer data and power up to 3 Watts.
  • Ready-to-go wireless charging platform designed specifically for AR and Smart Glasses. Minimal customization needed.
  • Allows product designers to add advanced functionality into smart glasses, while removing troublesome items such as connecting wires and charging contacts.

Inductive charging smartglasses

An innovative way to transfer power and data in low-power devices

Wireless power + data

You may already use NFC for data transfer applications like “tap-to-pay,” but did you know that NFC can also be used for power transfer up to 3 Watts?

This video previews the technology and shows some of the applications that can benefit from NFC Charging.



A New Global Standard

The NFC Forum’s Wireless Charging Standard (WLC) allows product developers to deliver power and data to small, space-constrained devices. Explore the technology’s applications, capabilities and trade-offs.

Explained: NFC Wireless Charging

Features and Benefits: NFC Charging for AR and Smart Glasses

  • Wireless charging solution delivers up to 3 Watts of power to AR and Smart Glasses
  • Integrated solution with NFC capabilities extends feature and functionality options
  • Loosely-coupled platform provides greater freedom of placement and improved user experience
  • Patented magnetics allow for attractive and comfortable form factors
  • Efficient system design charges batteries in under one hour (up to 300mAH battery)
  • Complete platform solution that features transmitter, receiver and adapter

An upgraded vision for AR and Smart glasses

Resonant charging via NFC creates opportunities for new features and functionality in AR and Smart glasses, and NuCurrent can help you get there faster, with better performance and less risk.