The Industry’s Leading Wireless Charging Platform for Handheld and POS Devices

Platform benefits

  • Ready-to-go platform with minimal customization required
  • “High-z” transmitter design delivers 10W through ruggedized devices (at 3X the standard Qi distance)
  • Customized software / firmware to implement security and authentication features
  • MultiBay charging architectures manage thermal and EMI challenges for optimal performance

“This is a notable improvement to the Qi Standard”

“Many within the Wireless Power Consortium, which includes technology giants like Apple, Google, Dell, Siemens, and others, felt that MP-A17 couldn’t be achieved, but NuCurrent’s innovative approach ultimately solved what others have not…”

Steve Taranovich, Technical Writer, EDN Network

Features and Benefits: Wireless Charging for Handheld and POS Devices

  • Wireless charging solution with transmitter, receiver and adapter delivers up to 10W of power
  • Cost-effective designs and durable materials for consistent mass production
  • Front-end conditioning circuitry to support various automotive applications in accordance with CISPR requirements

Keep Charging Forward

Wireless charging creates opportunities for new features and functionality to Industrial and POS devices, and NuCurrent can help you get here faster and with superior performance.