The Industry’s First Wireless Charging Platform for VR Systems

wireless charging vr

Platform Benefits

  • Ready-to-go wireless charging platform designed specifically for VR Systems, with minimal customization needed
  • Multi-device charging (headset and controller) from a single transmitter IC
  • Allows product designers to add advanced functionality into VR Systems, while removing troublesome items such as connecting wires and charging contacts

Wireless Charging Platform for VR Systems

NuCurrent Product Manager, Greg Kuchuris, demonstrates of our NuIQ platform for VR Systems.

This platform provides wireless charging of a VR headset and controller from a single transmitter IC.

  • Headset receives 10W from transmitter
  • Controller receives up to 500mW from transmitter



Features and Benefits: Wireless Charging for VR Systems

  • Patented PCB and FPCB magnetics support space-constrained form factors, delivering high efficiency charging from a single transmitter IC
  • 10W of power transfer to headset; 500mW to controller
    • Coil-to-coil efficiency – 95%
    • End-to-end efficiency – 71%
  • Greater freedom of placement and improved user experience
  • Expert product integration to optimize performance and efficient system design charges batteries in under one hour (up to 300mAH battery)
  • Effective designs and durable materials for consistent mass production
  • Available software controls and communications for advanced functionality

Make wireless charging part of your reality

Wireless charging creates opportunities for new features and functionality to VR Systems, and NuCurrent can help you get here faster and with superior performance.