Leading the way with technology and know-how

Achieving success with new wireless power technology requires a diverse, multidisciplinary skill set. It also takes experience and broad connectivity into the industry. You’ll find over a decade’s worth of experience developing wireless power systems, components and integration processes at NuCurrent.

Every customer project we see is unique. Sure, they all involve wireless power in some way, but there are a wide variety of things to consider in every project. That’s why our process is divided into three distinct steps: Discover; Design; Deliver.

Together, they ensure a successful outcome for your product.


In this phase we learn about your objectives and determine your requirements. We’ll explore potential solution approaches, discuss limitations and design trade-offs, and ultimately zero in on performance specifications.


Once the project is in motion, we tap our technology and in-house expertise to develop solutions quickly.

  • Simulation tools that get us within +/- 2.5% of real-world specifications
  • Wireless charging intellectual property that includes over 90 patents issued globally covering wireless power system design and magnetics
  • Software customizations that fine-tune performance and deliver advanced functionality

These tools – in the hands of the engineers who developed them – allow us to hit performance targets and deliver your solution in a fraction of the time.


In this phase we head to mass production. That means working together through EVT, DVT, PVT and any required regulatory testing or industry certifications (like Qi, for example).

Our flexible business model allows you to use existing manufacturing relationships or tap into our NuCurrent Certified Manufacturers, who are highly qualified and experienced in building products featuring wireless power.

Success in wireless power.

It’s possible with the right people, the right technology and the right process.

You’ll find all of that here.