Delivering all-day charging


Industrial handheld computers are the workhorses of logistics companies. They scan packages, provide real-time status notifications, optimize routes and many other mission-critical tasks that draw significant power throughout the day. And they typically do these tasks in harsh environments.

NuCurrent was hired to design a wireless power system and integrate into Honeywell’s CN80 and CN85 handheld models.

The initial problem: Failure-prone connectors

Delivery trucks are harsh environments for handheld devices. They’re frequently pulled in and out of their cradles and exposed to all sorts of elements, which can cause problems with the connectors. When the connectors fail, the device can fail, and when that happens, the logistics company can fail.

Wireless charging does more than deliver power to a device. It can also eliminate troublesome connectors and solve a major failure point for devices in harsh environments.

The added challenge: Wireless power through a thick, ruggedized form factor

To account for the heavy use and harsh environment, many industrial handhelds devices are ruggedized, which means making the device thicker. This makes wireless charging difficult (particularly when using the Qi wireless charging standard), because it creates additional separation between the transmitter and receiver.

For this project, Honeywell needed 10 Watts of power across 8-10mm of separation. The previous standard was 5 Watts at 3-5mm.

NuCurrent transmits up to 3x more power at 5x more distance than available under the Qi standard

The outcome: The first of its kind with more to come

Honeywell’s first products (Dolphin CN80 and Dolphin CN85) are now in production and more are expected to follow soon, including multi-bay charging stations and other advanced charging options.

Based on the experience of delivering this, and other products, NuCurrent has since expanded the Qi specification with its MP-A17 design, which delivers 15W of continuous charging at 9-15mm of separation.

Customer Needs

-Minimize problems with connectors in harsh environment
-Supply power for frequent use throughout the day
-Authenticate driver and truck for safer operation
-Regulate voltage to operate across multiple vehicles

Solution Design

-Low frequency, Qi+ system solution
-Tx and Rx system providing 10W at 8-10mm
-Authentication and voltage regulation enabled
-Rx housed in battery pack of computer

Benefits / Results

-The first product is in production and second will follow soon
-Wireless power now extendable to all products
-Projects underway for more advanced charging options

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