Qi-based charging case for earphones


Klipsch partners with NuCurrent to bring wireless charging speed and performance to the next generation of earphones

Amongst audiophiles, Klipsch is known as one of the leading, high-end manufacturers of speaker systems in the industry. And in auto racing circles, McLaren is known for elite speed and performance. So it’s easy to understand – when wireless charging was needed for Klipsch’s T5 II True Wireless Sport McLaren Edition earphones – that NuCurrent was chosen to provide the solution. 


As they set out to create the industry’s best-in-class earphones, Klipsch struggled to find an original design manufacturer (ODM) with true expertise and IP experience in mass-producing wirelessly powered devices. From confirming design feasibility to determining materials and other critical aspects of solution design, ODMs continuously struggled to give Klipsch consistent, sound counsel.

Klipsch then contacted NuCurrent, and together we sought to deliver what the market had been missing: Klipsch’s renowned sound quality, with power delivered wirelessly in a luxe, yet durable sport case housing. 


NuCurrent partnered with Klipsch to bring a first to the market: a sport earphones case that would provide outstanding durability and ultra-fast charging performance. Over 6 months, the NuCurrent team worked alongside Klipsch to bring the product from concept to mass production: 

Simulation & Testing

NuCurrent’s Intellectual Property and proprietary wireless power design tools allowed the team to simulate, design, and perform testing accurately to quickly validate designs and ensure minimal risk to development, all while optimizing product performance. Generally, building multiple iterations of designs and testing can take up to 50% of development time. NuCurrent’s internal tools and proprietary simulation models removed this iteration process and expedited the design and testing; 

republic wireless relay

ODM Collaboration

NuCurrent managed two separate parties, including Klipsch’s contract manufacturer (CM) and ODM.  NuCurrent facilitated communications and processes amongst all while providing data to inform separate party recommendations. NuCurrent’s data-driven decisions brought clarity to Klipsch throughout the wireless power design process;

Launch Success

When an issue arose in the production phase, NuCurrent worked directly with the ODM to test, debug and recommend a solution to Klipsch that would ensure high performance while meeting the production timeline;


The Klipsch T5 II True Wireless Sport McLaren Edition earphones launched in July 2020, receiving anticipation and excitement from outlets like Digital Trends, Forbes, and USA Today. The product’s initial pre-order was the most successful in Klipsch’s history, with original predictions exceeded by over 45%.

Once NuCurrent provided the final earphone case solution to Klipsch, it was time to execute validation performance against the industry’s most-sold earphones: The NuCurrent solution enabled charging that was 2x the charge speed of Apple AirPods (Gen 2). In a test utilizing the mophie 3-in-1 wireless charging pad (only available at Apple), NuCurrent presented the following test results: 

Ultimately, NuCurrent helped Klipsch and McLaren provide what their fans had been asking for: superior sound, speed, and performance… all the while creating the industry’s best wireless, Qi-compatible earphone sports case in the process.

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