Prevent Biometrics Mouthguard
Innovative concussion monitoring device

Prevent Biometrics

Prevent Biometrics collaborates with NuCurrent to transfer power and data

Following the discovery of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) in 2002 the public began to pressure the NFL and other athletic associations to do more to prevent continuous high-impact events (concussions) that often lead to CTE – a disease that can only be diagnosed after death. 

The Prevent System is the industry’s leading head impact monitoring system, with respect to accuracy of real-time, actionable data provided. The Prevent System captures the opportunity to embed itself in equipment that is already prevalent across sports: the mouth guard. Like many other sports mouth guards, the Impact Mouth Guard is conveniently boil-and-bite to fit the user.


Unsurprisingly, most electronics can’t be submerged in water – let alone boiled. The FCC-approved wireless power solution for the Solo Case charges through thick, food-grade thermoplastics, allowing Prevent Biometrics to seal the device completely for charging and sanitization purposes. The Team Case can charge up to 30 mouth guards, ensuring that team leaders can receive all player data and ensure that all separate devices will make it to the next game fully charged.

Wireless Charging Standards Background

There are several wireless power standards bodies that have established global standards to maintain interoperability and safety across devices.

However, there are instances where a proprietary (non-standards-based) wireless charging system is the most valuable solution for the client. Prevent Biometrics, like Honeywell, wanted a proprietary system that would only wirelessly charge its devices — and not charge any foreign external devices like phones or headphones.


Prevent Biometrics opted for a proprietary low frequency design. NuCurrent was trusted to optimize coils and tuning to ensure that they were achieving their power and thermal requirements. 


Magnetics Design & Simulations

For a small, space-constrained device it’s important to have a well-designed and efficient power transfer system. With our expertise in using simulations to optimize system designs, we were able to accelerate the design process, helping get the product to market faster.

Coil Tuning

NuCurrent’s expertise in coil tuning enabled greater positioning flexibility and more predictable performance to the Prevent Biometrics design.


To reduce interference in the wireless power transfer, NuCurrent’s design also featured customized shielding. 


The Prevent Biometric Impact Monitor Mouthguard launched at CES2017 to a very receptive audience that was becoming more familiar with the narrative of football as a dangerous sport with the increasing knowledge of CTE. Since launch, Prevent Biometrics has partnered with several universities to improve the safety of their athletics departments including the University of North Carolina, Yale and the U.S. Airforce and West Point Academies.

As of July 2019, the Prevent Biometrics system is available for purchase by organized sports teams.

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