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Innovative push-to-talk tracking device

Republic Wireless Relay

Relay employs wireless power to bring innovation to its remarkably simple device

As individual relationships with technology continue to begin at increasingly younger ages, Republic Wireless sought to answer a question that many parents have: How can I communicate and keep tabs on my child — without exposing them to the potential dangers of a smartphone? And so, Relay was born.

Today, Relay+ is a screenless, push-to-talk communication device that has expanded beyond family use to facilities management, food services, golf courses, hospitality, healthcare, large venues, construction and more. It even solves challenging communication issues during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Four years after launching Relay, the team sought to further simplify the device, while improving its durability and performance. After initially working with their semiconductor partner, IDT, Relay was referred to NuCurrent to implement a custom wireless power design that could achieve both objectives.


In an effort to replicate some aspects of the smartphone experience, Relay needed their wireless power solution to be compatible with the industry’s leading wireless power standard: Qi. At the same time, Relay sought to improve its tap-to-pair reliability; NuCurrent did so by utilizing patented MLMT coils to integrate Qi & NFC antennas on the same substrate. 

NuCurrent worked alongside Relay’s product development team to streamline their mechanical design in a way that would employ wireless power as a next-generation feature, while improving the device’s Bluetooth, charging, and tap-to-pay capabilities.

The NuCurrent team of wireless power experts delivered value in the following areas:

republic wireless relay

Mass Production Support

NuCurrent leaned on its mass production experience to assist Relay’s original design manufacturer (ODM) on how to consistently manufacture thousands of wireless power-enabled devices;

Simulation & Testing

Through proprietary simulation, NuCurrent redesigned Relay’s wireless power receiver magnetics, leading to improved Bluetooth performance and maintained interoperability with standard Qi chargers;

Standards Compliance

As contributing members to the Wireless Power Consortium and NFC Forum, NuCurrent provided a solution that combined both Qi and NFC.

Patented MLMT Coils

NuCurrent’s patented MLMT coils met small and thin form-factor requirements and ensured optimal performance of ruggedized devices.


Today, the Relay push-to-talk device has garnered mass attention from outlets such as PCMag, Forbes, and, Reviewed as a remarkable alternative to smartphones for children, workforces, and those in quarantine.

NuCurrent’s wireless power solution can be found in Relay+ devices available for purchase today.

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