Qi2 Max™

Qi2 Max™

A BPP and MPP Qi2 Certified plug-and-play wireless charging module from Amphenol, NuCurrent and NXP Semiconductors

Qi2 Max™

Amphenol and NuCurrent developed BPP and MPP Qi2 Certified, plug-and-play wireless charging module

Qi2 Max™
Plug-and-Play Design

The next generation of wireless charging technology. Qi2 Max™, developed by NuCurrent and Amphenol, is a plug-and-play wireless charging module designed for compliance with Wireless Power Consortium’s Qi2 standard.

Module Customization

Customizable plug-and-play module capable of meeting various requirements such as power levels, existing design, coil-to-coil distance, and interoperability.

Qi2 Max™ Technology Overview


  • Power: 15 W

  • Power Profile: MPP + BPP
  • Compact size: Ф56.4mm

  • Transfer Method: Inductive

  • Separation Distance: <3 mm

  • Operating Frequency: 128KHz & 360Khz


  • Infrastructure

  • Personal care

  • Casino gaming

  • Wearable devices

  • Tablets/ E-Readers

  • Charging accessories

  • Earbud cases/smart speakers


  • Future proof

  • Interoperability

  • Better user experience

  • Secured authentication

  • Optimized FOD algorithm

  • Upgradability in just three months

Enhanced Charging Experience

Magnetic alignment eliminates the need for precise positioning of devices on charging pads, reducing potential charging failures due to misalignment. This improvement makes wireless charging more user-friendly and reliable, encouraging wider adoption and usage of Qi2-enabled devices.

2-in-1 Solution

The Qi2 Max™ wireless charger is designed for both BPP (Basic Power Profile) and MPP (Magnetic Power Profile) certifications, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices. This dual certification enables the charger to deliver optimal power output for both low-power devices like smartphones and higher-power devices such as tablets, providing convenient and efficient charging for various electronics.

Developed with trusted partners:

NXP & Amphenol

Inside of Qi2 Max™️ is NXP Semiconductor’s MWCT20D2VLH silicon with security capabilities which allows for on-chip authentication. These features help address the Wireless Power Consortium’s (WPC) challenge of enforcing measures to eliminate counterfeit, non-Qi-Certified devices. End-users will ultimately enjoy a safer, more secure wireless charging experience across a broader range of devices.

Durable and waterproof

Accessory Expansion

With precise magnetic alignment, a wide range of accessories can be developed to complement Qi2-enabled devices. Manufacturers can create magnetic charging docks, stands, and holders that provide convenient and secure charging solutions.

Qi2 product upgrade in just three months

With our product’s remarkable upgradeability feature, you can stay at the forefront of innovation and maintain a competitive edge in your industry. In just three short months, our dedicated team of experts will seamlessly integrate the latest enhancements and advancements into your existing product, ensuring you have access to the latest features, functionalities, and technologies.

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