New NuCurrent Alignment-Free Transmitters Earn Top Spots in AirFuel Certification


New NuCurrent Alignment-Free Transmitters Earn Top Spots in AirFuel Certification

NuCurrent’s PCB antennas deliver unmatched wireless power performance

(CHICAGO – August 3 2016) – NuCurrent, the world leader in thin, high quality factor (Q), printed wireless power transfer antennas, announces five new certified, Class 2 and Class 3, category leading printed circuit board (PCB) transmitters. Featuring NuCurrent’s CoolSkin TechnologiesTM, all five resonators earned AirFuel™ Alliance certification and several top spots in key AirFuel categories, including uniformity and quality factor.

With the announcement, NuCurrent introduces multiple Class 2 (10+ watts) PCB transmitter sizes including 172 by 105, 112 by 112 and 172 by 108 millimeters, and Class 3 (16+ watts) PCB transmitter sizes including 220 by 154 and 172 by 108 millimeters. All five resonators feature CoolSkin Technologies, a set of patented technology innovations and proprietary design methodologies which ensure the world’s thinnest, highest printed Q antennas, shape flexibility, rapid design and delivery in two to three weeks. NuCurrent also offers standard antennas available from stock.

“NuCurrent is pleased to bring five more certified products to the AirFuel Alliance, joining our other FCC and AirFuel certified transmitters for tabletop or through surface designs,” says Michael Gotlieb, Vice President of Business Development, NuCurrent. “Using a NuCurrent resonator with a uniform field across the entire charge area ensures a receiver will fully achieve the expected power transfer regardless of receiver placement on the transmitter. NuCurrent’s unique systems knowledge enables this better resonator design for our customers and ecosystem partners.”

Following the AirFuel Alliance certification, NuCurrrent’s new PCB transmitters earned the following honors:

  • Best uniformity across all certified resonator classes
  • Highest Q among all AirFuel certified PCB resonators

To learn more about the NuCurrent’s new certified Class 2 and Class 3 PCB transmitters, please contact info@nucurrent.com or visit http://nucurrent.com.


About NuCurrent

NuCurrent is a leading developer of high-efficiency antennas and electronic modules for wireless power applications. Frequency independent and frequency compliant across Wireless Power Consortium (Qi) and AirFuel AllianceTM (formally PMA and A4WP standards), NuCurrent works closely with electronic device OEMs and integrators to custom-design, rapid-prototype and integrate high Quality (Q) Factor antennas and modules for a broad range of applications. NuCurrent’s patented structures, proprietary tools and design techniques mitigate typical high frequency effects, offering higher efficiency, smaller sizes, higher durability and lower wireless power system cost development. Based in Chicago, NuCurrent has been defining the leading edge of wireless power design since 2009 and has over 50 patents granted or pending worldwide. For more information, visit http://nucurrent.com and follow us on Twitter at @NuCurrentTweets.

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