On-Demand Webinar: NXP Qi Wireless Charging


On-Demand Webinar: NXP Qi Wireless Charging

nxp qi wireless charging

NuCurrent and NXP are transforming the customer wireless charging experience with Extended Range Qi technology. 

Qi has emerged as the global standard for wireless phone charging, bringing safety and interoperability to billions of devices. The initial specifications allowed for 3-5mm of separation between transmitter and receiver. As wireless charging’s popularity spread, so did the use cases for a standardized method of power transfer with even greater separation. 

NuCurrent, a longtime member of the Wireless Power Consortium, led the charge to increase the separation up to 12mm at power levels up to 15 watts with its innovative MP-A17 design. As an NXP Gold Partner, NuCurrent develops wireless power technology using NXP’s best-in-class, high-performance chipsets for Qi chargers. 

This webinar will review the technology design and explore use cases that benefit from “Extended Range” Qi Charging, including: 

  • 01:15 – NXP Wireless Power Key Applications
  • 04:00 – Qi’s Growing Ecosystem
  • 05:50 – NXP Engagement Model and NXP Gold Partners
  • 06:45 – NXP Qi Technology Roadmap
  • 08:50 – Introduction to the MP-A17 Design Specification and “Extended Range” Qi Charging
  • 11:20 – Qi Benefits and Limitations
  • 13:05 – Why Extended Range Qi Charging is Hard (Interoperability and Safety Discussion)
  • 15:25 – NuCurrent’s MP-A17 Delivers Largest Qi Certified Charging Area Available
  • 17:05 – How Superior Thermal Performance Leads to Faster Charging Times
  • 19:20 – Extended Range Qi Charging Case Study: PopSockets PopPower Home
  • 20:45 – Applications of MP-A17 Standard Beyond Standalone Chargers
  • 24:30 – Qi Charger Lineup: 15W Qi XRP Transmitter from NuCurrent

Join NXP’s Vaclav Hilbich and NuCurrent’s Greg Kuchuris as they dive into this new standard for Qi charging.