NuCurrent Announces New Qi, AirFuel and Proprietary Wearable Wireless Charging Coils


Power meets performance in new wearable solutions, including “vertical” charging

(CHICAGO – January 5, 2016) – NuCurrent, the world leader in thin, high quality (Q) factor, printed wireless power transfer antennas, announces several new wearable products that combine stronger absolute power transfer, higher efficiency and wider XY freedom when compared with other currently available market solutions.

For lower frequencies (Wireless Power Consortium (Qi), AirFuel™ Alliance and Proprietary), NuCurrent introduces 10, 20 and 25 millimeter circular shapes plus a new 10 x 6 millimeter rectangular receiver with companion 1:1 transmitters. All of the new receivers are ready for production design-ins.

For higher frequencies (6.78MHz, 13.56MHz, AirFuel Alliance), NuCurrent is producing 27 and 35 millimeter circular form factors plus 15 x 10, 21 x 21, and 25 x 28 millimeter receivers. Companion 1:1 and 1:1+ transmitters are available for new production designs and other (smaller) sizes are available on custom basis.

“Customers are coming to us looking for greater power transfer and a larger XY area to improve the end-user experience, which is exactly what our proprietary technology is well-suited to deliver,” said Michael Gotlieb, vice president of business development, NuCurrent. “These products are also enabling embedded wireless charging for those previously told that wireless power was not possible.”

In combination with these customizable receivers, new production-ready transmitters targeted for wearables have been created including a new area, “vertical” wireless charging.

“NuCurrent engineers are always pushing the boundaries of resonator design with an eye on the full system solution,” said Dr. Vinit Singh, CTO, NuCurrent. “Combining the 35 millimeter diameter, 0.55 millimeter thin high frequency receiver with a 105 x 105 millimeter custom transmitter, NuCurrent delivers over 2.5 watts in both vertical and horizontal alignments, providing customers with a true ‘drop and charge’ convenience for wearables.”