NuCurrent Brings the Ki Cordless Kitchen to Life With Integrated Development Kit


Company’s NuVerse™ Cordless Kitchen Development Kit accelerates implementation of wireless power and advanced communications for appliance manufacturers

(CHICAGO – JUNE 6, 2019) – NuCurrent, an industry leader in wireless power systems and technology development, previewed its NuVerse Cordless Kitchen Development Kit at the spring meeting of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) in Atlanta, GA. The kit is intended for manufacturers who want to develop cordless appliances and transmitters as part of WPC’s emerging standard for wireless power in the kitchen. The kit can also be used for products that comply with WPC’s upcoming standard for Medium Power (30-200 Watts) applications.

“Wireless power brings enormous benefits to the kitchen in terms of flexibility, convenience and design,” said Hans Kablau, Chairman, Wireless Power Consortium Kitchen Working Group. “It’s critical to have the development tools for manufacturers to design and innovate, and NuCurrent’s development kit will be essential to advancing the standard.”

ki cordless kitchen

The NuVerse Cordless Kitchen Development Kit features the necessary development boards, NFC-based software stack, user-customizable API and development services, enabling kitchen appliance manufacturers to incorporate wireless power into their product designs. For information on how to implement slotted power in kitchen appliances, view NuCurrent’s Ki Cordless Kitchen Development Kit.

Software controls based on the near field communications (NFC) protocol are central to the operation of the cordless kitchen. NuCurrent’s kit incorporates NFC technology to establish communications between the transmitter (counter) and receiver (appliance), initiate transfer of power, and manage/communicate device status.

“As with any transformative technology, manufacturers need the development hardware, software and services to start innovating,” said Tim Tumilty, NuCurrent Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “NuCurrent is excited to be supporting the Ki Cordless Kitchen standard and it a reality.”

The NuVerse kit will be available in September 2019. It is expected to fuel product development efforts in a variety of kitchen product categories including blenders, mixers, rice cookers and other smart appliances, producing attractive, safe and convenient cordless kitchen environments.

The Wireless Power Consortium – which is driving the cordless kitchen standard (www.wirelesspowerconsortium.com/kitchen) – is the leading global standards organization for wireless power and wireless charging for a range of applications. Founded in 2008, the WPC is the organization that developed the Qi standard for mobile devices and manages the certification of Qi products for safety, interoperability and usability. The organization’s 600 member companies collaborate with a single purpose: worldwide compatibility of all wireless chargers and wireless power sources.