NuCurrent launches NuEva™ Development Platform for Medium Power Qi Systems


As more product manufacturers seek to include wireless charging, NuCurrent leverages NXP technologies to create industry-first development platform for products with higher power needs

(CHICAGO – JULY 17, 2019) – NuCurrent, an industry leader in wireless power systems and technology development, announces the release of its NuEva Medium Power Development Platform for wireless charging systems. The platform leverages the company’s patented magnetics technologies, advanced design tools, system software and engineering expertise – along with integrated circuits from leading semiconductor provider NXP® Semiconductors – to provide wireless power solutions for product manufacturers needing 25-90 watts of charging power.

Prior to the development of this NuEva platform, the majority of products that featured wireless charging required less than 20W of power. Through NuCurrent’s efforts with NXP, the NuEva platform extends efficient wireless charging capabilities to products with much higher power requirements like smarthome devices, home robots, personal transportation vehicles, 5G infrastructure and more.

“This is the natural progression of our industry – to move into higher power levels,” said NuCurrent VP of Sales and Marketing Tim Tumilty. “NXP is leading the way with integrated circuits for these power levels, and we’re contributing our core technologies and integration expertise to help new waves of manufacturers explore the possibilities of wireless power.”

The NuEva Development Platform addresses the underlying challenges found in designing wireless charging solutions for medium power (25-90W) devices. These include: magnetics, tuning, power conversion, foreign object detection, integrated circuits/firmware, shielding and communications.

“Building on our success with lower-power devices, we see great opportunities to expand the Qi standard to higher power levels,” said NXP Director of IoT and Security Solutions Steve Tateosian. “The combined efforts of NXP and NuCurrent are opening the doors for higher power levels, with the interoperability and safety benefits that are foundational to the Qi standard.”