Power Play: Standout performance, outside of standards


NuCurrent’s customer (a Fortune 100 industrial equipment company) was hired to develop a mobile, handheld computer equipped with wireless charging for their end-customer (a Fortune 100 logistics firm.)

Our customer intended to produce a first generation system that charged at 10W at a distance of 8-10mm, using a design based on the Qi standard (which specifies 3-4mm of separation).

The customer’s first-generation solution experienced challenges in the field. Mechanical failures developed due to a troublesome connector, causing inconsistent performance. Additionally, the system could not deliver the desired 10W of power across the 8-10mm of separation (and the device experienced significant thermal issues even at lower powers.)

Based on these challenges, our customer asked us to improve performance of the first-generation system.

NuCurrent’s system engineers evaluated the hardware using our proprietary NuIQ™ Simulation Technology, quickly identifying opportunities to modify the existing design, so that the receiver coil in the handheld computer could charge at the 8-10mm distance.

Next, they optimized the existing system by replacing wire-wound coils with NuCurrent’s patented MLMT antennas. With these changes, the customer’s first-generation system could achieve the 10W charge at a distance of 8-10mm.

Based on the success of the improvements made to the first-generation system, our customer asked us to design the second-generation system.  

Leveraging the knowledge from the first-generation improvements, NuCurrent’s engineers took a fresh approach to the system, seeking to address the primary challenge of getting the 10W charging temperature to below 45-degrees Celsius per the customer’s specification.

NuCurrent’s team re-designed both the transmitter (litz wire coil) and receiver (MLMT coils), achieving the customer’s performance specifications for thermal efficiency at the 10W power level which had not previously been possible. Additionally, as part of the redesign process, the team was able to identify opportunities to remove cost from the receiver.

With the world’s most efficient coils and an elite engineering team, NuCurrent has the technology and expertise to dramatically improve an existing under-performing solution. And when engaged at the beginning of the design process, NuCurrent’s technology and systems design expertise deliver an optimized, cost-efficient solution.