Power Play: Building Qi charging into e-cigarettes


A manufacturing partner approached NuCurrent with a need from an e-cigarette developer – they wanted to develop a proprietary 5-Watt wireless charging solution for their e-cigarette products, including a proprietary wireless charging pad.

After analyzing the power requirements, charging distances and mechanical designs, our engineering team asked if the manufacturer had considered developing a solution on the Qi standard to take advantage of existing chipsets and the emerging public infrastructure available for charging devices wirelessly.

After discussing the options, it was agreed that a Qi-based solution would be preferable. This analysis shaved months of design and production time off of the schedule, and in just under two weeks’ time, the NuCurrent team was able to integrate a 5-Watt (and later 10-Watt) module capable of charging the device on Qi-certified chargers.

The solution – which features NuCurrent’s patented MLMT technology printed on a flexible circuit – will allow for durable, scalable and cost-effective mass production of Qi-charging e-cigarettes.