Power Play: Charging Devices Through Surfaces


Challenge: A multinational electronics firm wanted to create a through-surface wireless power transmitter for furniture manufacturers but found that its wire-based resonator was cumbersome and difficult to manufacture. They needed a high Q, low ESR resonator that was designed for mass production.

NuCurrent Power Play: Within 30 business days, NuCurrent provided an easy-to-assemble, high-efficiency printed resonator using NuCurrent’s patented MLMT technology.

Outcome: NuCurrent resonators now power the company’s through-surface transmitters for furniture. The transmitters attach to the bottom of any non-metallic surface, which enables the work surface above to be ready for wireless charging without unsightly and damaging drill holes.

NuCurrent’s patented MLMT antenna technology also allows end-users to experience the benefits of greater wireless power transfer distance and flexibility in positioning their devices on the charging surface.

These wireless charging furniture products are currently available from manufacturers such as OFS Brands, Kimball Office and National Office.

“By partnering with NuCurrent, our customers’ products can now feature technology that allows improved simultaneous charging of multiple devices with different power requirements, by simply placing them on the furniture, work surface, or auto console without any cords.” – CTO, Leading Electronics Manufacturer