Universal Stylus Initiative adopts NFC Wireless Charging


Wireless power leader, NuCurrent, set to deliver industry-leading NFC Wireless Charging solutions to stylus manufacturers and others

(CHICAGO — November 25, 2020) – The Universal Stylus Initiative announced a Memorandum of Understanding that acknowledges the NFC Forum’s Wireless Charging Specification (WLC) as the designated method of wireless charging to be integrated into member devices. 

The commitment of these two standards bodies marks an important step in the mass adoption of NFC Wireless Charging in consumer electronics. The NFC Forum approved the WLC in May 2020, specifying power transmitted up to 1W — or 500mW received. 

“This is a major development in the world of wireless charging,” said NuCurrent VP of Sales and Marketing, Tim Tumilty. “We’re seeing an entire product category standardizing on NFC Wireless Charging as the preferred method of power transfer. Based on how NuCurrent is expanding NFC’s charging capabilities, we expect more announcements like this to follow.”

NuCurrent has been advancing NFC Wireless Charging technology over the past 18 months. With the development of its NuEva for NFC Charging Development Platform, NuCurrent can push beyond the NFC WLC specification, delivering power up to 3W received.

Above: NuCurrent’s NFC Wireless Charging capabilities

In addition to styluses, NuCurrent’s NFC Wireless Charging technology is well-suited to deliver wireless power to hearables, fitness trackers, sensors, medical devices and other space-constrained products. Additionally, the NFC Forum is promoting “reverse-charging” of these devices via NFC in smartphones – unlocking new and exciting applications. 

“NFC Wireless Charging brings a host of opportunities to product developers,” said Tumilty. “Wireless power up to 3W, high data requirements, spatial freedom and design flexibility are just a few of the benefits they’re seeing from this technology.” 

For more information on NFC Wireless Charging or other inductive resonant wireless power solutions, contact NuCurrent at sales@nucurrent.com.