Design Wireless Power Products with NuCurrent Technology

At NuCurrent, we’ve invented core technologies and developed deep experience in product design, system integration, software controls, industry standards development, and manufacturing. If your team is highly-experienced in prototyping devices, our development kits and modules have everything you need to start integrating wireless power into your product.

15W Wireless Charger

Industry’s first Qi-certified, 15W wireless charger design with an extended charging distance of up to 12mm.

Slotted Power Development Kit

Created for the Ki Cordless Kitchen, medium to high power applications that require slotted communication during wireless power transfer

Patented MLMT Coils

The world’s thinnest and most efficient antennas for wireless power transfer.

Slotted Power Development Kit for Ki Standard

NuCurrent’s Slotted Power Development Kit is essential for product developers interested in exploring communications for the Ki Cordless Kitchen Standard.

The Slotted Power Development Kit includes:

  • NFC-based technology auxiliary power hardware
  • Slotted communications real-time software
  • Developer software tools
  • Sample antennas
  • Tuning boards for developer-preferred antennas

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Extended Range Qi Charging

NuCurrent’s innovative charging solution lets designers mount chargers under table surfaces, enabling more unique, creative designs with superior charging performance.

The 15W Qi XRP Transmitter brings speed, interoperability and safety to new applications in:

  • Recreational Vehicles & Marine
  • Furniture
  • Hospitality
  • Automotive

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Find Your Way to Wireless Power With Us

No matter where you are in the project life-cycle, we have the tech and know-how to find your inductive charging solutions. Let’s talk about how our wireless power professionals can work for you.