Wireless Power Reference Designs

Explore Our Proven Wireless Power Reference Designs

Explore Our Proven Wireless Power Reference Designs

Leverage NuCurrent’s expertly engineered and rigorously tested wireless power solutions to bring your smart devices to life. Our portfolio ranges from detailed reference designs to complete form factors, designed to accelerate your market entry and minimize development risks. Trust in our proven technology to efficiently transform your product concepts into reality.

Multi-Zone Reference Design

Simultaneously charges multiple devices with exceptional spatial freedom, using a patented multi zone coil and single transmitter IC

Key Features

  • Patented Multi-Zone Transmitter Coil Design
  • Industry-Leading Power Capability
  • Unmatched Operating Range
  • Extended Range Charging

HF Wide Area Reference Design

Efficiently power multiple devices with a large charging surface, featuring an ultra-thin coil design perfect for small electronics

Key Features

  • Industry-Leading Spacial Freedom
  • Large Charging Surfaces
  • Ultra-Thin, Efficient Coils
  • Sustainable Innovation with NuLeaf™

NFC High Power Reference Design

NFC-enabled solution for efficient power and data transfer, ideal for small electronics and IoT applications

Key Features

  • Highest NFC Power and Advanced Data Transfer
  • Industry-Leading Performance
  • Versatile Compatibility
  • Optimized Design & Cost-Effectiveness

Qi2 Reference Design

Leading power efficiency and low idle consumption, with optional data features

Key Features

  • Highest Qi2 Efficiency
  • Lowest Idle Power Consumption
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Enhanced Data Capabilities*

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