Charging contacts and connectors are a leading cause of device failure.

They break and corrode
They let liquids in
They even cause allergies

Wireless power is the solution.

Case Study: Honeywell
eliminating device failures in harsh environments

Delivery trucks are harsh environments for mobile computers. The devices are pulled in and out of their cradles and exposed to all sorts of elements, which causes problems with the connectors. When the connectors fail, the device can fail, and when that happens, the logistics company can fail.

Learn how we helped Honeywell solve this and other problems with wireless power.

Case Study: WHOOP delivers world’s highest power and data rates with NFC charging

In the WHOOP 3.0 hardware release, custom copper connectors were used on the wearable battery pack. For the recently launched WHOOP 4.0, the company worked with NuCurrent to eliminate those connectors entirely and upgrade the charging experience.

Learn how NFC Charging improved durability, scalability and more.

Free your designs (and your users) from charging contacts and connectors.